Posted by: Chasy | 22/06/2009

Bird jailed over glassing incident

I’m very glad that this has been taken seriously. Violence against women should not be tolerated, no matter who the perpetrator is.

Ms Milligan, who suffered a fractured eye socket and cuts to her eye at Bird’s Cronulla apartment last August, is still in a relationship with Bird and is living with him in the south of France.

She refused to make a formal statement to police and provided a character reference for Bird in court today.

I want to call her an idiot, but I think we can safely assume it’s not her fault that she can’t see what a mistake she’s making, in staying with her abuser. I have no doubt that she has been manipulated and had her confidence in herself systemically undermined. Acts of violence like this don’t just happen out of the blue. There is always a history of escalating physical abuse before the victim finally needs medical attention.

I’m sure she hopes it will be the last time, but I think she knows that it won’t. Hopefully, with time apart from him, she’ll come to realise that and dump his self-centred, violent, arse.

Update: ARGH! Just after posting, I find out he’s been bailed, pending an appeal. If this conviction gets overturned I will know that the courts DO NOT take violence against women seriously and that it was all for show.



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