Posted by: Chasy | 23/06/2009

Murder verdict: Mum starved girl to death


They found the 35-year-old mother guilty of murder and her 48-year-old husband guilty of manslaughter.

Why is the father given a lesser charge? He is just as guilty as the mother. He was in contact with the child, if not living with her. It was obvious the child was in danger, and he has just as much responsibility as her mother to ensure that she is fed properly.

This had obviously gone on for years, as this statement shows:

The autistic girl weighed just 9kg at the time of her death and had the bone development of a five-year-old.

This from the SMH:

During the trial, the parents admitted lying to police when they claimed she was happy and well the night before her death, with the jury told she would have been “semi-conscious to comatose” for days.

The child’s father blamed the mother for the death, saying she was solely responsible for the seven-year-old’s care.

Wait… so, you were BOTH there, were BOTH in contact with the child, BOTH knew she was in danger, yet it’s solely her MOTHER’S fault?

I am sick of people assuming that women are just Baby-Making Child-Minders who’s sole purpose in life is to look after offspring while the fathers of said offspring allegedly have no responsibility. Basic Year 10 biology tells me you need at least one male to create a life form. Seeing as we are allegedly intelligent beings and not animals, both parents have responsibility if both parents are present.

It doesn’t matter how many hours a day he may have seen the child (though there is no mention of whether he was living with the child or not. From what I can see, he was), they are both equally responsible. This child died of starvation. It would have been obvious to anyone that she was in serious danger. To say you know nothing of your child’s welfare because her mother had sole responsibility is an outright lie. The courts should be ashamed of themselves for upholding the belief that raising children is ‘women’s business’ and that the men know nothing of it.

This post on Feministe certainly put my rage into a nice little sentence:

So why are we focusing on Bad Mothers again?

Just like Jill is saying in her post, men have exactly the same responsibility to their child as women do. It’s easy to make a demon out of a mother because they are an easy target, while the father virtually escapes blame.

Update: I learned from watching SBS News tonight that the father was, in fact, living with his daughter but denies any responsibility. Bullshit. He has virtually pissed on his daughters grave by saying so.


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