Posted by: Chasy | 26/06/2009

Today’s deaths

I feel rather like Tipp FM, starting out like that.

Farrah Fawcett dead, aged 62.

Aw. That’s sad. Apparently she didn’t get to marry Ryan O’Neill before it happened, like they planned.

Michael Jackson dead, aged 50.

This has managed to eclipse all other news stories. I find the whole thing a bit weird. Either it’s a fake, or a sign of the apocalypse.

Truck driver killed by stray bullet in Milperra.

Normally, this would be splashed all over all news agencies with a warning to hide under your bed, because everyone outside is a criminal with a gun. Not today, as the death of am irrelevant aging popstar, who was addicted to plastic surgery and rumoured to be a paedophile, is far more important.

I suppose, we should have seen it coming. He was already wearing a death mask.

Michael JacksonDeath Mask

Yeah, that’s all I got at this time of the morning.


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