Posted by: Chasy | 03/07/2009

Animal testing experiments kill one animal every hour

Today’s funnies from the Daily Telegraph:

ONE animal in NSW is killed every hour during testing for new medicines and cosmetic products. The Daily Telegraph can reveal 8813 animals – including birds, guinea pigs and endangered marsupials – were killed during 12 months of trials.

Another 16,000 were kept conscious and subjected to a “a moderate or large degree of pain/distress that is not effectively alleviated”.

The shocking details are contained in the State Government’s latest Animal Research Review Panel report, with critics claiming the findings prove federal and state measures to replace animals in research were failing.

Yes, it is a tragedy. It could be avoided and isn’t. What I find hilarious is how shocked and appalled the Daily Telegraph can get – and then go back to their lives where they use brand name shampoos and make up, eat conventionally farmed meat and dairy, and take their pets to the vet for routine shots – because they could never let any harm come to an animal!

Go back to reporting on the latest gas emissions to come from Michael Jackson’s corpse, Telegraph.


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