Posted by: Chasy | 03/07/2009

Virginia Haussegger – taking feminism backwards since 1964

I’m a bit late to the party, but Virginia Haussenger needs to have a good hard look at what she’s doing to harm the feminist movement.

After reading the above article, it almost seems like I’m asking Miranda Devine to do the same, and perhaps consider that climate change is actually real.

Virginia, my dear Virginia. You have it all wrong. Feminism is about choice. It’s about the freedom to where what you want, when you want, without fear of verbal or physical abuse (similar to what you were about to lay on your poor unsuspecting Muslim victim in the Canberra Centre).

Criticising a piece of clothing does nothing for the underlying culture of oppression that may or may not be a factor in wearing it. It just pushes it further underground, as this post at Feministe has perfectly illustrated. In that respect, the French choosing to ban it outright is just dangerous.

Yes, Virginia, there are Muslims in this country. And, no, it’s not O.K to use feminism as an excuse for racism. I hope everyone now sees you for the bigot that you are.



  1. I so hear you. Virginia is so on my list of not-feminists.

    • Indeed. Essentially, she is a troll of the highest order, but not so much bridge-dwelling like Miranda Devine.

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