Posted by: Chasy | 05/07/2009

It appears she was fired after all…

According to Fight Dem Back!, 2MIA presenter Terrie-Anne Verney has been removed from her position at the station after revelations she was an active administrator of the racist Facebook group, ‘Fuck Off, We’re Full’.

Good riddance. I hope it sends a message out to all the fuckwits who joined the now defunct group that racism will not be tolerated. Also, that you will look like a moron when people find out your true nature.



  1. You said:

    “I hope it sends a message out to all the fuckwits”

    It’s indeed possible that something has gotten through:

    “All members of any organisation like the Protectionist Party should take EXTRA special care of what they say on the internet, what you say has real world repercussions. There is a couple of statements in there by Terri Anne about the KKK which should have not been said and the other one about holding a gun to their heads. A lot of people may think along those lines but if your a member a of an electoral-based party like the Protectionists it simply is not on and really bad PR.”

    Why yes, threats and vilification really are bad PR. Good of them to notice. This in no way means that they won’t continue to want to do these things, just be a bit quieter about it. Once elected, then they can take the gloves off, eh? :/

    • Yeah, true. It may have been a lesson in how best to be underhanded and sneaky, rather than how the majority of Australians considered them to be morons.

      One would have thought that the very fact that they never get elected would have also driven the message home, but apparently not!

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