Posted by: Chasy | 15/07/2009

Garrett’s bed is burning


Damn. Could we be more disappointed in him?

Environment Minister Peter Garrett yesterday approved the operation of the mine, which will extract uranium just a few kilometres from the Beverley mine that he allowed to expand last year.

Mr Garrett yesterday the decision to allow the mine to operate was a difficult one, and was only made after rigorous assessments.

“As with all proposals examined under national environment law, this mine was subject to a comprehensive, scientifically robust and transparent assessment process,” he said in a statement.

However, the first comment on the above link gives us hope:


Update: In my haste to post what I believed to be the funniest comment I’ve ever seen, I forgot the real issue. Luckily, Club Wah has it covered:

He says that he will argue his case on environmental issues in cabinet, but with then go with the party line – not that there’s any other way.


Uranium mining and the environment around the Four Mile mine should be the issue today, not the minister who rubber stamped it, which is why Garrett should step down – but then who knows, the former Midnight Oil singer’s ability to overshadow controversial government decisions could be the very reason why Kevin Rudd has him in the chair.

It’s true that he has do to what the party, as a whole, says. If he doesn’t want to, he’s welcome to leave. I still stand by my original statement, that he has disappointed us. However, the disappointment stems from a decision he made years ago – when he joined the Australian Labor Party.

If he was to continue fighting the same battle he was with his music, he would have joined the Greens. I can only assume he knew he had Buckley’s of getting a seat as a Greens member, and, possibly, was lured to the ALP with the promise that his views would have an impact on party policy.

I don’t know if he’s kicking himself now, or if he’s so immersed in the politics of it that he doesn’t care.


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