Posted by: Chasy | 06/08/2009

I think I wrote this post because I want to say ‘cunt’ a lot.

I hate Kyle Sandilands. I really do. I have wanted his smug, fat arse off the air for years. Nevertheless, if there’s anything I hate more than Kyle Sandilands, it’s a witchhunt.

Now, that’s a big fucking call. I H-A-T-E the cunt. I would happy dance outside his house if it ‘mysteriously’ caught on fire with him in it, singing, “Burn, baby, burn!” Alright, maybe not. I doubt I’d go to the effort for that cunt, but you see what I’m saying here.

I think every sane person, who is not a media mogul or a member of the Concerned Parent Brigade, will tell you that Kyle Sandilands does not have the brains to concoct any on air stunt. His obviously floundering after the girl, at the centre of the Kyle-Sandilands-is-a-cunt scandal (personally, I think that happened every day he was on air), revealed she was raped, proves that he doesn’t have the acumen to be able to think past the script lying in front of him. His cohort, Jackie O, had to step in and save him.

Kyle Sandilands, unfortunately for my desire to see him hung, drawn and quartered, is not solely responsible for what happened. The people responsible are the producers, the parents of the child, AND Kyle and Jackie O. All of them were complicit in publically shaming a 14 year old girl by asking her questions about sexual activity and drug use. It should never have gone to air and one of them, any one of them, should have spoke up.

This is why the media coverage of it makes me sick. It’s not about the child. The media do not give a flying fuck about her. It’s about publicly sacrificing a love-to-hate C grade celebrity in the name of advertising revenue. How many clicks do you think all of the stories received? I haven’t linked to any of them, because the idea that someone is going to click from my blog and generate revenue for NewsCorp makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

Hexy over at Feministe made a very good point about the blame going around during this saga:

Most of the argument going on last week seemed to be centred around who to blame, and who not to blame. Don’t black Kyle, it’s the mum’s fault. Don’t blame the mum, it’s the fault of the producers. Back and forth and back and forth. The only positive note was that, for once, no-one was blaming the teenage rape victim.

Amen to that. Hexy also goes on to say:

I still can’t help but wince slightly at the news that DOCS and the police are now involved. I wish I could be optimistic that that would end positively, but the investigation of a two year old rape is unlikely to do so… and the Australian public can be mighty ugly when handed a rape case that can’t be proven guilty.

Ain’t that the truth. It looks like the poor girl also realises this too, as she has asked police to drop the investigation. Poor girl. I hope, after all of this, she’s now getting the help she needs, at the very least.

ELSEWHERE: I just had to put this quote in, from Ben Pobjie’s fabulous satire piece at New Matilda (that’s spelled S-A-T-I-R-E, for anyone (like some of the commenters) who isn’t familiar with it):

So yeah, you can criticise Kyle Sandilands. You can call him crude. You can call him immoral. You can call him vacuous. You can call him a talentless pudding with creepy dead goat eyes who looks like someone’s been rubbing a balloon on his head.

Champagne comedy, my friends.


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