Posted by: Chasy | 07/08/2009

I deplore violence.

I really do. Except if it’s Kyle Sandilands (see previous post) or this dickhead.

Would I think it was alright if the same thing happened to a woman? Probably not. However, we live in a society where many men are encouraged to believe that their advances are wanted, no matter what a woman says, she just needs some cajoling. And by cajoling, I mean force.

A large majority of men are encouraged to believe women should not and will not reject their advances, and, if they do, they are frigid, a lesbian, a bitch, stuck up, or a number of derogatory terms.

It’s rare that women have a defence against this sort of behaviour, especially if it is persistent, physical and threatening, such as in the above example. So, if a woman gets her own back, good on her!

It’s sad that the end of the article talks about how the British government have ask Greece to stop serving their citizens so much booze. It’s not that guy’s fault he’s a cunt – they got him DRUNK!


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