Posted by: Chasy | 12/08/2009

Australia – once known as a country of racists, now known as a country of idiots

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Convention.

Most Australian’s polled believe the Geneva Convention does nothing, and 40% believe it’s O.K to torture enemy soldiers, even though they know it’s illegal.

Countries who have actually experienced armed conflicted showed that a large majority believe the Geneva Convention has gone as far as saving lives. We, in a country that has had one bin blown up*, think, in our infinite wisdom and dearth of experience, the complete opposite.

We don’t need people like Sol Trujillo telling us what we’re really like – we’re doing a good enough job ourselves in proving how fucking ignorant we are as a nation.

* I do not mean to trivialise the tragedy of lives lost, but, compared with Liberia and Afghanistan, it is minuscule in terms of violent conflict.


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