Posted by: Chasy | 17/08/2009

What’s the difference?

From ABC News Online:

Animal lovers in New Zealand want to make it illegal for people to eat their pets, after a Tongan family killed and barbequed their pet dog.

The Taufa family killed their pet staffordshire bull terrier Ripper and then invited friends round for a barbeque.

Lupi Taufa says it’s common practice in her homeland Tonga.

“Dog, horse, we eat it in Tonga. It’s good food for us,” she said.

I don’t think the family should have to qualify their decision to eat dog meat with that last statement.

So, they killed and ate an animal. So bloody what?! It happens every fucking day!

It’s an Australian institution to grab a bacon and egg roll on your way to work. That bacon used to be an intelligent, aware, emotional, pig. It used to live on a farm. Then someone killed it, cut it up, treated it with nitrate, packed it in plastic that made it look nothing like it’s original form and sent it to a cafe far away, all so you don’t have to feel guilty about killing a cute little animal while you hoe into your fat-laden breakfast.

I eat meat. I looooooove eating meat. I don’t, however, pretend that I’m somehow superior to people who eat other animals that we don’t normally farm for food, such as cat, horse or dog, just because I am an ignorant cunt who has never been to a farm and thinks chicken breast comes off the Chicken Breast Tree.

In fact, put a plate of dog meat in front of me. I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a red hot go.

Thankfully, most of the commenters on that article share a similar sentiment. For anyone who doesn’t, wake the fuck up – every time you tuck into your lamb chops, you’ve done exactly the same thing.


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