Posted by: Chasy | 01/09/2009

Humble pie, Anna?

Changes to Qld abortion laws introduced in parliament:

Changes to the Queensland’s criminal code have been introduced in Parliament to extend the exemption for doctors to perform terminations using abortion drugs.

Amendments to Section 282 of the Criminal Code were introduced on Tuesday night and are expected to be passed this week.

Premier Anna Bligh on Monday said the changes were being made as science had progressed past the provisions of the current law.

One step closer, sisters. One step closer.

Ideally, all states should completely review their laws and remove any penalty for medical terminations, but one step closer is better than nothing.



  1. Bizarre that Anna saw fit to protect doctors but not women.

    The case of the young couple in QLD is not the world’s best example of exercising reproductive freedom, though. While there’s no doubt that a woman should be able to go see her GP and privately ask for a medical termination with RU486, women would be putting themselves at some extreme risk if they try to use the drug without medical supervision. RU486 can cause severe haemhorraging in some cases. The patient needs to be supervised and physically near emergency medical facilities when using the medication.

    If the couple up in QLD are guilty of anything, it’s probably a lot closer ‘possession of a controlled medication without prescription.’ That this young woman is looking at 7 years for ‘procuring a miscarriage’ is massively severe and disproportional. $100 fine, good behaviour bond, no conviction recorded, on your way… but noooooo…. Joh’s ghost is still hanging about.

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