Posted by: Chasy | 16/09/2009

Let’s kill a bug with a sledgehammer

From ABC News:

A bill doubling the penalties for graffiti vandals has passed the lower house of state parliament [in Western Australia].

Under the legislation people caught spraying or drawing graffiti now face 2 years jail and a $24,000 fine.

Because people spray painting on a wall IS THE GREATEST CRIME KNOWN TO HUMANKIND.

What kind of moron thinks that sending a kid to gaol for graffiti is a good idea? Not only that, that the punishment fits the crime?

For fuck’s sake! You are going to end up with more criminals coming out of gaol than you have going in.

Putting a bit of paint on a wall that’s not yours is not deserving of the life sentence of being labelled ‘criminal’.

This is utter bullshit.



  1. I bet that if it was your wall that was repeatedly defaced that you would change your mind.

    • I very much doubt that. I don’t particularly have that much of a problem with graffiti, but I don’t doubt that I have a different perception of it to most.

      Regardless, graffiti is an irritation to the community, at the most. 2 years gaol for something that causes an inconvenience is hardly justifiable.

  2. Chasy
    Its a maximum penalty and likely to be imposed for only the most extreme cases where the person is a repeat offender.
    The point is that other penalties are no deterrents and I really don’t think that you have any idea just how much this criminal behavior costs the community each year.
    Just to try to make the offense more real to you imagine that someone cam in and graffitied your bedroom, not just once but repeatedly would you be so sanguine then ?

  3. I don’t doubt that I would be annoyed, but think that they deserve two years gaol? No.

    Regardless, your analogy is weak because the law is meant to cover public property, not personal. Personal property has far more emotional ties to each individual, so, yes, someone would be very upset if another person scribbled on their home.

    But public property? Who cares?! The cost of gaoling the individual for two years would far exceed the cost of cleaning up after them, anyway. The punishment does not fit the crime, and, by any standards of logic, makes no sense.

  4. For the one and only time it’ll ever happen, I agree with Iain.

    I live in the Blue Mountains. I lost my sympathy for taggers when some little local ratbag got tired of graffing the bridge abutments thought a near by, previously unspoilt 60 million year old basalt outcrop needed a bit of teal blue decoration from his little spraycan of art.

    While jail isn’t appropriate for any but the most incorrigible repeat offenders, when some inconsiderate fool fucks up something of value belonging to all, expect the penalty to be a lot higher than the cost of repairing the damage, which in some cases is simply irreversible at any cost.

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