Posted by: Chasy | 07/10/2009

You utter bastard.

From ABC News:

Arthur Freeman, 35, of the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, is accused of murdering his daughter Darcey Freeman by throwing her off the bridge in January.

The Melbourne Magistrate’s Court was told he was taking the four-year-old to school for her first day of prep.

The prosecution had alleged Freeman had made angry phone calls before the incident, telling his wife “Say good-bye to your children, you will never see them again.”

This is why this country desperately needs better resources for domestic violence sufferers and more education and awareness.

And when I say awareness, I’m not talking about a fucking pissweak advertising campaign. I mean drumming it into everyone that violence within a relationship is just not acceptable; no way, no fucking how; no matter how desperate or angry you feel.

The above article just proves that those who commit violent acts within a relationship do so out of selfishness, not necessity. No one is driven to violence. They choose to go down that road.

I hope that cunt rots in hell for taking the life of his daughter in a selfish and childish attempt to hurt his ex-wife.


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