Posted by: Chasy | 08/10/2009

Australia proves it is still a racist country; sky is blue, etc.

I honestly can’t believe the stupidity of some of the commenters on this article on the racist ‘Jackson Jive’ skit on Hey Hey It’s Saturday (on a Wednesday).

Essentially, they’re saying, “It’s not racist because it was done in Australia.”

What the fucking fuck?! How can you possibly label men slapping on black facepaint in an effort to make African-American men look like fools not racist?! Why the FUCK does it matter what country it’s done in?

It angers me greatly that people in this country just cannot see that what we used to consider acceptable was wrong. We live in far more enlightened times now. We know that singling out a race and applying negative attributes to it is racist. However, we keep fucking doing it, just because ‘we always have’.

We’ve always had corporate greed, industrial pollution and late buses, but that doesn’t mean we should have to put up with them, either.

What pisses me off more is that the producers knew exactly what kind of racist bullshit they were putting on the show, and giving their approval to, but they went ahead anyway. They knew it would get people talking. Encouraging and condoning racism is O.K if you’re going to please your advertisers with high ratings, apparently.



  1. Nobody appears to have noticed a far less ambiguous “is this racist or not?” moment from the show.
    I just posted on this here….

    Look at the last video from those three…. in the subsequent furore, that line of Somers appears to have been forgotten

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