Posted by: Chasy | 08/10/2009

Just in case anyone thought my post about Arthur Freeman was man hating

You utter bitch:

The court heard that in 2006 Rachel Pfitzner said she would kill the child rather than return him to his grandmother’s care.

Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi has told the hearing that Pfitzner had a complex motive for murdering her son.

He said although she told people she could not wait for the boy to be taken away.

The prosecutor said she was irrationally cruel to the child because he reminded her of her ex-partner.

Another example of the abuse of children as a way of hurting others, be they a partner or a relative. This is domestic violence and it can be perpetrated by anyone, male or female.

How dare she think that nothing was more important than her revenge? That her child’s life was nothing more than a pawn, to use and abuse as she chose?

The more I think about it, the more I realise that domestic violence occurs not only because is it condoned, but the community is reluctant to step in. This example would be a classic case. People knew there was something wrong, yet no one wanted to speak up.

We do not have an understanding, as a community, that violence within the home is unacceptable. That has to change, or we only have ourselves to blame for more tragic deaths.


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