Posted by: Chasy | 19/10/2009

And this is why Feminism should always be about choice

What’s the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear the word Feminist?


While it is a myth that bras were actually burnt, and the term ‘bra burners’ was used derogatorily; the bra, and the wearing of one, is quite often seen as a symbol of patriarchal oppression and going braless is considered a stand against the preposterous standards of beauty that were, and are, imposed upon women.

These days, it’s largely unlikely that women will go without a bra in most countries. Some may say that is a symbol that the patriarchy has won; others may say that it’s simply a symbol of Third Wave Feminism. The latter presumes that women have a choice, and choose to wear a bra for their own reasons.

So, if Women are being whipped, publicly humiliated and sexually assaulted for simply wearing a bra, then women around the world should take notice.

The idea that a woman should be told what she can and cannot wear, because she is a woman, is unacceptable. The struggle for Western women during the sixties, to wear pants and not to wear a bra, was about choice, not about removing all signs of femininity. It was an extremely important step in the fight for women all of the world to have control over their lifestyle choices.

For men to single out women, because they are women, and not only demand the removal of an article of clothing, by which removing that sense of agency, but insist on touching her breasts under the guise of Sharia law, is abhorrent and should be stopped immediately.


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