Posted by: Chasy | 22/02/2010

I love the smell of hyperbole in the afternoon

Child rapist gets Australian visa

“People entering Australia are required by law to declare any criminal convictions on their incoming passenger card, and if they don’t and it comes to the department’s attention then action is taken, and in this case we have taken action,” [Immigration Department spokesman Sandi Logan] said.


“It would be an unreasonable demand for us to place demand on foreign and domestic police resources to request a background check on the more than 4 million people applying to enter Australia on temporary visas each year.”

Oooh, nice deflection there, but, no. Fuck you.

What you’re not admitting, by using the ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON TEMPORARY VISAS to distract us, is that a criminal background check is a part of every onshore Temporary Spousal Visa, or Subclass 820.

This visa is essentially a 2 year long stepping stone to permanent residency. It basically ensures that you’re not just claiming partnership with someone for the sake of a visa, as you have to still be with them when that visa is up and you are granted permanent residency.

Basically, if you have been approved for an 820 visa, you will get your 801 (Spousal Visa), unless something really fucks up. It’s also really easy to hide the fact that you’re not actually involved with the person, as well.

What actually happened is that some dickhead in the Immigration Office approved the visa without this check. Offshore applications do not require this for the initial application, but should be requested. This man applied onshore, so he was required to include a criminal background check with his application.

Oh, and the SCARY FOUR MILLION temporary visa holders? The majority are on Tourist Visas, which are the type of visa you get when your passport is stamped. That visa lasts 3 months. That is in no way the same as granting someone a spousal visa without requesting a police check.



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