Posted by: Chasy | 15/03/2010

Acknowledging you’re on someone else’s property isn’t Vajazzling

Minister for Moronic Conservatism and Leader of the Idiots in Opposition, Tony Abbott, has said that ‘…acknowledging Indigenous owners of the land at official ceremonies is ‘tokenism’ and and unnecessary political correctness’.

Oh, stick it up your jumper, Tone. I don’t even know why you bother to open your mouth any more. You’ve already proven how much of a ignorant, privileged, moronic, man you are, so why bother singing the same song over and over again, just to a different tune?

According to Senator Eric Abetz, it’s a fad. No, sweetheart, acknowledging that you’re in someone else’s country is not the new Vajazzling.

And, of course, Mad Uncle Wilson has thrown in his usual mental 2 cents: ‘Indigenous dancers are fat’. What?! Seriously, what planet does Tuckey come from?!

To quote Glen Kelly, spokesman for the South West Land and Sea Council in Western Australia, “it’s very important that when you visit someone else’s country that you recognise the people who are there and get ceremonially introduced and accepted to that country.”

WTF is wrong with that? Makes sense to me. I bet when our politicians travel to other countries withing Asia, they are respectful and follow the necessary traditions and customs of that country, so as not to piss them off. So, what’s bloody the difference?!

Oh, don’t worry. I know what the difference is. The Libs just do not care about Indigenous Australians. Caring does not give them money or votes, so why would they bother? In fact, pissing off the original inhabitants of this country is a sport to them.

At this point in time, most official ceremonies have a simple one liner stating that they would like to start by acknowledging the original owners of the land. Sooooooo, the drama is where…?

I know. There is no drama. It’s an exercise in getting their heads on camera and their names in the paper. And this post is just facilitating it.

Don’t worry, I’m facepalming myself already.


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