Posted by: Chasy | 03/05/2010

File under ‘Village Idiot’

Just a quick one: This jerk, located in my delightful suburb of Marrickville, reckons it’s the council’s fault that people don’t want to come to his shop, due to the area surrounding it being ‘ugly’.

The Marrickville Moron

Now, I dunno about you, but something tells me it isn’t the surrounding area that is putting people off going into a dodgy lookin’ shop in Marrickville, of all places, to obtain orthopaedic shoes, and it certainly ain’t the holes in the footpath that are ugly, my friend. Do ya think the sign you had custom built in 1971 may have something to do with it? No? Oh, my mistake.



  1. Hehehe! He’s THE irony blackhole!

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