Posted by: Chasy | 17/05/2010

Sheik Mansour Leghaei: 16 years is a long time to wait

… especially if, as ASIO say, your only reason for being here is to commit an act of terrorism. That’s a long time to wait to get together with your Jihadist pals and start blowing shit up.

Sheik Mansour Leghaei has been denied a permanent residency visa on “security reasons”.

This man, who holds very strong ties to his local community, who has been praised for his moderate Islamic teachings, and who has been in the country for 16 fucking years, apparently runs the risk of suddenly going underground and plotting terrorist attacks.


The reason? According to an article in the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader (I know, right?) from August 2009, Dr Leghaei says:

ASIO rejected his application for permanent residency in 1995 on the grounds he was a risk to national security based on translation of parts of his university notes on the meanings of jihad. “The notes were taken from my suitcase at the airport in 1995 while I was taken to another room for a body search,” Sheikh Mansour said.

“Someone took six notebooks on lecture notes from my university days and photocopied about 75 of the 130 pages. They kept them for eight years without my knowledge.

“In 2002, we appealed to the Federal Court because I was accused of being a risk to national security. It as only then I found out they had translated the notebooks.

“It was a poor translation. The notes were in Farsi and Arabic and they had only translated the Farsi.

“I offered to give my translation and let them find an independent translator to examine both translations.

“I was told by my solicitor that ASIO had accepted that their translation was flawed. They decided to withdraw their claim. The government was ordered to compensate me for a third of my legal costs.

“They said there are more charges, but for security reasons they can no longer be disclosed. In 2003, I appealed to the Federal Court and the High Court. Both courts dismissed the applications.

“The courts said that since I can’t be briefed about the allegations against me, I can’t defend myself and if I can’t defend myself, there was no point in wasting the time of the court.”

I love this democratic society we live in, where every citizen is given the chance of being innocent until proven guilty, and where the accused can defend themselves properly before a just and true court of law – unless Senator Chris Evans can score some points by kicking you around like a political football in an election year, of course.

An example of some of the other ‘charges’ (and reasons why the Sheikh should be allowed to stay in Australia) can be found on Save the Sheikh, a website run by Fightin’ Father Dave (Warning: Uncensored use of Stryper auto-playing used on website). For example:

Sheikh Mansour’s sister, for instance, is depicted as an agent of the Iranian government who walks the streets of Tehran with a walkie-talkie hidden under her veil, informing on women who dress immodestly. The detailed nature of the accusation would suggest that it must have some basis in reality, except that Mansour doesn’t have a sister!

Just think about it for a second, Senator Evans: If the man was truly here to commit acts of terrorism, why didn’t he just scarper as soon as he landed and commit them? Wouldn’t that have made far more sense, rather than waiting until he was a permanent resident of Australia?

But why bring logic into it, when you can make the headlines by deporting a man of Muslim faith, who, by the way, has has received glowing references from members of your own party?

CUNTS! This shits me to tears! This poor family is either going to be torn apart or forcibly removed from their home of 16 years. 16 years!

Come to think of it, doesn’t the law say that if your application or appeals process takes longer than ten years, you are automatically granted permanent residency?

I’m too cranky to look it up, but I’m sure it’s on the DIMA website somewhere.

Oh, hi, ASIO, if you’re reading.


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