Posted by: Chasy | 19/04/2011

This makes me sick

‘Awesome dad’ had baby with daughter

A man who got his 11-year-old step daughter pregnant and went on to marry her once she turned 18 has avoided jail.

But Judge Reid said while “the disparity of age” between the man and his former wife was an important factor to take into account, he had several mitigating circumstances in his favour.

He said there was no evidence the man had groomed the child or had initiated the sexual conduct.



It doesn’t matter if she jumped all over him naked and danced the hula. He still had sex with her. She should have told her why it was wrong, not gone ahead with it!

The victim-blaming in this case makes my stomach churn. The fact that she maintained a relationship with her abuser has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a crime was committed. She was a little girl when it happened. Now I’m sure she’s a very confused adult, who probably doesn’t know how to come to terms with her abuse – especially seeing as a child she loves was the result.

This is fucked. Our legal system is completely fucked. Those are the only words I have. If that is what a judge decrees about the rape of an 11 year old girl, then there’s no friggin’ hope for humanity.



  1. Ugh. Horrendous. As an 11 year old, she wouldn’t have had the maturity or well-developed cognition to “consent” to anything, followed by years of what must surely have been brainwashing by her stepfather.

    • I know. And if his completely unbelieveable story is somehow true, in that she just suddenly came into his room and undressed herself, then she must have been abused before – if not by him, then by someone else. Horrific story. 😦

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