Posted by: Chasy | 13/05/2011

The ‘Fuck You’ Friday Five

1. Gillard govt increasing funding for chaplains, rather than putting actual social workers into schools, and cutting funding to the Digital Education Revolution. I am completely and utterly bewildered as to why the Gillard govt, which is lead by an atheist, think that putting someone whose main focus is religion, not counselling, as a resource for children in times of stress and hardship, is a fantastic idea, instead of someone who has studied how to deal with these matters at a tertiary level, and would do so using techniques that have been developed through peer-reviewed studies. Logic alone dictates that it is more likely the child will find solace by developing coping methods as guided by a trained professional, rather than being told to pray until everything is O.K.

Actually, the fact that Gillard is an atheist is EXACTLY why this is happening – trying to win back the religious right, who think that science is bad and imaginary friends are AWESOME. Yeah. Way to run a progressive country, guys.

Hey, Julia Gillard! FUCK YOU!

2. The Budget. I honestly don’t understand why the government is making a big deal of creating a so-called ‘tough budget’, simply in a effort to be liked, when they are more likely to be seen as a force to be reckoned with if they stick to their guns and make policy based on principle. It worked for the Howard government and people blindly followed, simply because their stubborn belief is their conservative, unfair and often cruel policies held great influence over swinging voters. The Gillard Govt chopping and changing their views based on News Limited opinion polls makes them look just as unreliable as the majority of swinging voters already thought they were. Delivering a ‘tough budget’ doesn’t change that, it just makes them look more unsure of what their own policies are. As a result, we’ll more than likely end up with Tony Abbott as the frickin’ Prime Minister. Hey, Wayne Swan! FUCK YOU!

3. Fucking Tony Abbott made a plan to increase funding and incentives for people to work and train, making the Gillard government look like misers. And me agree with Tony Abbott. I… I feel dirty. Argh! THE DIRT’S NOT COMING OFF. Hey, Tony Abbott! FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME THINK ONE OF YOUR POLICIES MADE SENSE.

4. The guy who climb the Harbour Bridge to protest ‘on behalf of his kids’. Oh, REALLY? “I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing it for my kids,” he is quoted as saying. And what does he reckon his kids are concerned about?

He spoke about “parental alienation syndrome”, which, he said, happened when a child insults one parent without justification often due to indoctrination by the other parent.

Doing it for your kids? Really? Seeing as the law is structured to focus on the needs of the child, I fail to see how there is no one ‘providing a voice for little people’. You’re not just pissed off at your ex-wife and blaming her because your kids are unhappy around you, are you? Paranoid that your ex is badmouthing you, when, really, you’re probably just a cunt? You think that climbing the Harbour Bridge proves this, and doesn’t point out that you’re actually fucking mental? No? Oh, for fuck’s sake.

There are avenues of appeal if you think you’ve been hard done by. Current legislation states that you must go through mediation, then, if that is unsuccessful, Family Court. If the judge thinks it’s necessary, they will appoint a social worker to discuss the separation with all parties, including the children, by themselves, to determine if what the adults are saying is correct. This is done for the best interests of the child ONLY. If your wife was really bad mouthing you to your kids, they would be able to find out, and would act accordingly.

Maybe your ex-wife IS the lunatic. Then, for the sake of your kids, do something sensible about it, because it’s highly unlikely a sane individual, who was honestly being unfairly criticised by their ex-partner, would think that climbing the Harbour Bridge was the only option to protect their kids, and would be listened to by authorities afterwards. If your ex-wife really is the problem and your children need to be heard, then they are fucked now, because no one is going to listen to you.

Oh yeah, and, for the record, I honestly don’t care that he stopped peak hour traffic. In fact, I thought the idea was an awesome one, until I found out what the real story behind his protest was. Waste of a good protest, if you ask me.

Hey, Harbour Bridge Climbing Cunt! FUCK YOU!

5. My immune system – true to form, it kicks in with a worse virus than the one I was already suffering, the day after I took a sick day (and, because I am on contract, do not get paid for it). Hey, Shitty Immune System! FUCK YOU!



  1. That is all.


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