Posted by: Chasy | 18/05/2011

Up the Ra!

The Queen’s visit to Ireland did not fuss me. Seeing as we had reached an age of diplomacy in the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, I figured it would be a good move in fostering stronger relations, if it meant anything at all.

Until I read this:

She is likely to acknowledge past difficulties, but is unlikely to apologise for past behaviour, BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said.


I find that appalling. If she is going to make an historic visit in being the first monarch to visit since 1911, and the Irish Government are going to LET her, then she can bloody well say sorry! If it’s beneath her, she can piss off!

Quite frankly, if she doesn’t apologise for the atrocities her armies brought upon the Irish people, she doesn’t deserve to visit and have dinners and tours lavished upon her.

Stupid privileged fuckwits!


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