Posted by: Chasy | 31/05/2011

Why do we suddenly care about live exports?

Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but think that this current public frenzy over live sheep and cattle exports is only down to two things:

– The footage was brutal, but it was nothing that hasn’t been seen before. The Four Corners story was well advertised and talked about via Twitter, however. The government have been petitioned before. They already knew all about it – suddenly they are putting forward motions to suspend the following day. I take it the Gillard government are trying to capitalise on the social media age and its influence over public opinion, in the hope that it boost their current lagging popularity.

– The footage was mainly from the exports we send to Indonesia. Now the public is outraged. I can’t help but think that if it was footage of our own abattoirs, or one somewhere in the UK, there would be very little outrage. Animal cruelty by white people is acceptable, somehow, but by Indonesians it’s barbaric. Rightio then. We’ve seen that cows can obviously feel fear. I wonder if cows can be racist, too?

Yeah, that’s it, really. While I’m pleased that animal welfare is finally being talked about, I am kinda pissed off that it’s only a point scoring exercise for our government and is, essentially, a reflection of the racist attitudes of the general public.



  1. Good questions. Hadn’t thought of that.

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