Posted by: Chasy | 07/06/2011

Progress or Anomaly?

This is not news:

Police attended at least 12 domestic situations over the weekend, with 10 of them happening on Saturday.

Bundaberg Police Senior Sergeant Erwin Hoffmann said 10 callouts relating to domestic violence in one day was high.

If you took a seasonally adjusted figure of the whole year, or even 6 months, that anomaly would probably not show. However.

This IS news:

Edon Place Women’s Domestic Violence Service director Leah Giovannoni said in the past fortnight the need for their services had almost doubled.

She said that had included the need for emergency accommodation for those escaping abusive situations.

This is a sign that women are speaking up. The recent spate of intimate partner violence leading to deaths in the news lately, may have actually contributed some good, despite all that heartache. For once, the intimate partner violence that the media devours and exploits to produce Tragedy Porn may have produced a something that served as a warning, rather than just as a generator of hit counts.

It may be a little early to jump to such conclusions, and it is only one report from a relatively small town in Queensland, but, for a country town such as Bundaberg, this spells real change. If women are really speaking up, and a country newpaper is actually going to report on the violence rather than ignore the problem, then there is hope for the rest of the country.


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