Posted by: Chasy | 21/01/2014

The myth of alcohol fuelled violence

This was originally posted as a Facebook status by a mate who works as security in the Sydney CBD. He has allowed me to post this here, with minor edits.

Alcohol-related street violence is all I seem to hear of these days. While working in security, the stupidity of blaming alcohol and the venue, instead of the individual doing the damage, is getting me down.

Put the blame where it is due – on the idiot that thinks its all right to pick a fight just for the hell of it, the fuckwit who thinks all the girls will love him because he just beat up a guy who bumped him and split his drink, the guy who likes to punish, who likes to be the one who is big and strong, and feels it is his job teach people a lesson they wont forget. They should be held accountable in some way.

How about making someone accountable for every assault? Make them accountable for every punch thrown, not just the one in 100,000 that does permanent damage, and not just the ones that make the front page of the daily rag.

Security are only told to separate them and send them in different directions. By doing so, we fulfilled our job requirement of stopping trouble and RSA requirements by not serving them any more drinks. Then off they go, to repeat the cycle, all the way down the street, often another 2 or 3 times, with the only penalty being having to move on to find somewhere else to cause trouble.

Why doesn’t the Head of each door have a radio, or even a direct number to the local patrol, and be asked, or even strictly told, that every act of violence is to be reported to them? The police could then speak to the parties and judge if it should lead to charges or they are safe to continue their night.

The police are already walking the street in packs of 10, looking for drugs and searching clubs for drunks. They might have to speed things up a bit, instead of 10 of them standing around on one search, only to send the person off 2 hours later with a court summons in their pocket.

As venue security, my job is to smile, being nice, and say anything that the aggressor wants to hear, so I can get the safely out the front door, without any more violence, and off down the street away from my club and my scope of responsibility. What I would love to do, instead, is to be able to call the police, get them to attend, and, if not to charge them, at least give a warning. Instead, every time the police get called to a venue, it’s a black mark against their name. These black marks come back to haunt them at license renewal time.

The cause is the individual aggressor. Make them responsible for their actions instead of blaming every one around them and giving them a chance of 1 out of 100,000 that they will ever have to take the responsibility of their actions and 99,999 chances to tell their mates how hard they are.


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